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Things to do at Legoland

Project X at Lego Technic

Begin your voyage with a ride designed on Technic, Legos older brother. It is recommended proceeding to the restaurant ‘Knight’s Feast’ in Lego Kingdoms and scoots the local cuisine served at ‘Robot Kingdom’ in this area.

The Dragon at Lego Kingdoms

At the park, the Dragon was a favorite roller coaster ride. Both parents and children enjoy the rides as it gives the thrills and bends are longer than Project X. Before the coaster begins and you set off to chase the dragon, it also has a nice beginning story in the Kingdom Castle.

Observation Tower at Imagination

You can take a rest in the comfort of air-con and look into the rotating panoramic views of Legoland 60m in the air where the observation tower at Imagination is located. Here, no fees need to be paid, unlike the sky tower at Sentosa.

Legoland, Malaysia

Dino Island at Land of Adventure

Dino island offers an enjoyable ride. You must get raincoats or your clothes are going to end up thoroughly wet Like the water ride at USS. The native Lego figures and scenery were done up delightfully and starting off with a 2-minute leisurely river cruise, the ride was well paced.

The tension experienced after slowly ascending to the top of the mountain, as the ride edged closer to the drop-off, you can probably be felt through your screens at home.

Miniland Adventure

Miniland is in the open so you want to wait till the afternoon so you don’t have to worry about the heating sun and it is recommended visiting this area the last. The complex architecture will send any Lego fanatic into a frenzy and even non-Lego fans will be allured.

Over here, over 30 million Lego blocks were used at a 1:20 scale with 17 landmarks are beautifully re-created. Some favorites are Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, the Singapore flyer/Clark Quay and amazing saltwater FIsh Tanks. You’ll probably drool hours here just admiring the different creations.  To see the Lego figurines come to life, do not forget to press the buttons at the exhibits.

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