The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

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Traveling is fun but it can also be stressful if you don’t prepare and plan for it. Yes, even if you claim to have a sharp memory there may still be a few things that you’ll forget, important things that can possibly ruin your vacation. For instance, while you’re onboard the plane thousands of feet above the ground or hundreds of miles at sea and all of a sudden you remembered that you left the backdoor open or you’re about to board the plane and the ground crews ask for your passport but you can’t find it in your bag because apparently it’s still on your desk and you completely forgot to take it with you. Things like these can turn your dream vacation into an instant nightmare.


We know that traveling will get you excited but don’t allow this excitement to let important things slip your mind. Remember, going on vacation means leaving all the stress behind but if you don’t plan for it instead of escaping stress you’re actually creating it while you’re on vacation mode. How do you plan your vacation? Here are several helpful tips to help you go on a stress-free vacation.


Make A List Of Everything You Need To Bring


Do this a week before your flight. We suggest you pick a day where you’re not busy and preoccupied so you can think clearly. Create a list of all the things you need to bring no matter how nonsensical it may sound. It could be your underwear, passports, identification cards, charger, planner, etc. Every day check your list if you need to add more. The more items you write the better. You can check the recommended traveler checklist at


Inform Your Bank About Your Travel Dates


Every bank has a hotline number. Call that number and let any bank representative know about the days when you’ll be away. Your bank may have other international banks as partners that permit you to withdraw cash without extra fees.

The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

Pay Your Bills Before Traveling


Before you go on vacation make sure you check all of your bills and pay them off before leaving. For bills that are set on automatic payments double-check them and ensure that your outstanding balances are all clear. You don’t want to come back from a lovely vacation and be greeted with interest fees and grownup grass in your beautiful landscaping are, before leaving contact your landscape maintenance company, who can care about garden in your absence, if you are going on a long vacations pay them their fee in advance, so that they can do their jobs at best.

Check All Outlets and Unplug Electrical Appliances


Are you aware that even when appliances are turned off they can still contribute to your electricity bill as long as they are plugged in? Plugged appliances are continuously using up energy called standby electricity thereby contributing to your power bill. So when you plan on traveling check all of your appliances and unplug them.


Invest In Travel Insurance Whenever You Travel


You can’t predict the future but you can take safety precautions by investing in travel insurance for your own protection.



Traveling is a great way to escape your reality since it makes you happy but it can also make you feel 100x stressed if you don’t plan everything in advance. The next time you go on vacation make sure you’re all set and ready and that you’ve checked everything at least twice.