Spectacular Chile

Spectacular Chile

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Widely known more for its history than its present – Chile – a country of music, fashion scene and blossoming art, reigned by the politically active younger set breathes new life into Santiago and the country at large. Travelers can effortlessly entertain themselves for much more than just 24 hours in the temperate capital aside from the country’s spectacular natural beauty. It’s more than possible to face the vibrant scene, by concentrating on a few central neighborhoods, a close link to the past and local delicacies that make up Santiago.

Having breakfast is a casual affair and is a substantial way people view from the local cafes. Try sopaipilla, a pastry made of deep-fried pumpkin dough, or a calzone roto, which is best described as a fried cookie, paired with a cappuccino, for those people with a sweet tooth will truly enjoy. Check out omnipresent soda fountain Dominó and buy a ham, avocado and cheese sandwich and a raspberry juice for a super-local start.

Arrange a visit to one of the museums that abound in the area after a swift walk through the Metropolitan Cathedral and Plaza de Armas. One of which, Museo de Arte Precolombino has a grand collection of Pre-Colombian art from all over Latin America. Museo Histórico Nacional begins with the Pre-Colombian era and the finale is with perturbing display of Salvador Allende’s broken glasses. Featured works by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró by Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in a grand townhouse that was utilized as a listening station during the dictatorship. Before heading to lunch, don’t forget to take some pictures in front of the presidential palace La Moneda.

At Mercado Central, seafood lovers will be overwhelmed by the endless choices, this is Santiago’s main fish and seafood market. From the fish stalls and dine on Camarones al pil-pil, paila marina, simple grilled salmon and way more,  you can choose one of the smaller restaurants across. You can also pick up an empanada or two to go for onces or afternoon tea. The seafood versions, especially jaiba (crab) and machas (razor clams) and cheese are fantastic but there’s always the traditional empanada that contains ground beef and onion.

An uncomplicated jump-off to the Atacama Desert to the north, Patagonia to the south or to Easter Island 2000 miles west in the Pacific the reason the capital has the ideal location. Within reach, there’s an easy bus trip away like the pottery village of Pomaire, the hills, and colors of coastal Valparaíso and the nature of Cajón del Maipo.

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