South Africa Memories

South Africa Memories

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There are countless memories waiting to be made. It is a land blessed by nature in the beautiful and enchanting country of South Africa. Tranquil hills, tow-colored beaches that dawdle effortlessly onward the mountainous coast, the most vivid green grass and flora which expands hundreds of miles, continuously running rivers, plump bushland and vast number of wild and free animals, like varied species of Zebras, Wild Boars, antelopes, Wildebeests, the fearful and scarce Leopard, massive herds of heavily tusked Elephants and multitudinous prides of Lion. 

I unfussily fell in love with it in its totality after I have traveled this incredible planet for over thirty years and after six months of traveling around and filming this unforgettable country. There are unending adventures and visual stimulations  In the huge city of Johannesburg, that’s in and out of the city. Our company funded my travel together with my son to discover the rarely seen side of South Africa with adventure being our main topic, we set out to do just that during our tour in late 2003 and early 2004. Click here for more information about South Africa wildlife and wildlife reserves.

We had the benefit of discovering a local business that specializes in providing tours to their customers’ needs and wants and with our demands, they tenaciously had their hands full during our first few weeks of being in Johannesburg. We longed for action and with this company, we got everything and more than we were engrossed in the land, the bush, the animals and having awareness of that would do more than be just a few visits to a museum.

South Africa Memories

The tour company was run by Shelly and her brother Grant and add a very immediate touch to their company and with their several years of arranging tours, they are pivotal and fundamental part of the company with a hands-on approach. The brother and sister tandem accompany you and lead you through the best this land can offer as they do not simply forward you to others.

You book your tours with them and relax as our company highly recommends. Based entirely on your desires and requirements, they will construct a superb tour, especially to your liking. Shelly and Grant along with their many affiliates can and will deliver a tour you will never forget and without the high cost and hassles, you may find with other companies in the area, whether it’s touring through the city of Gold ( Johannesburg) or exploring the wild African animals in the bush.

You can look forward to the absolute best service, we assure you of this as Karanga Exclusive Tours is an authorized affiliate of Traveler’s Digest. Check out our affiliated office at Karanga Exclusive Tours for either small or large group, business trip or plain pleasure or for the uttermost in the family vacation. Their objective is to give you with valued greatly memories of their beloved South Africa.

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