Relaxing In Mexico

Relaxing In Mexico

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Mexico City is full of life, bewitching city that indulges travelers with endless food, culture, dance, epic history, architecture and more, though some may suggest differently. The capital does provide some sites it’d be a sin to miss on a stop-through although this megacity is a stretch to cover in a week. 24 hours cover barely a sliver of what the city has to offer ready yourself to pull an all-nighter.

Relax into the day at a cafebrería

A self-described cafebrería or café-bookstore is the El Péndulo. This establishment can be found around town, and each location provides warm lighting, eclectic decorations, and an open floor plan. Take inner pleasure and enjoy the scent of new books blending with a good serving of chilaquiles and a glass of guanábana juice. Polanco branch is a must-visit and dine which was declared one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by British newspaper The Guardian.

Explore Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul

One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Coyoacán is where you can find Frida Kahlo’s house that was transformed into a museum four years after her death. Soaked in saturated colors, heightening the intense vibe of Museo Frida Kahlo. Guided tours will narrate Kahlo’s early as well as most famous works, the workspace she and Diego Rivera shared and more. Thereafter,  the patio is a good spot to enjoy a drink and buy some books or prints from the gift shop.

Relaxing In Mexico

A Rich History at Zócalo

Mexico City’s main square is Zócalo and was utilized as the religious center for the Aztecs. To pave the adjacent square, now ringed by buildings occupied by the city government, the Palacio Nacional and the Catedral Metropolitan, Hernán Cortés had the Aztecs’ Templo Mayor demolished. An intimate display of the city’s rich history can be noted by the ongoing excavation of the Templo Mayor and the museum next-door.

Take a Breather at Chapultepec Park

Catch a mini-stop to 1,600-acre Chapultepec Park. The park is divided into three sections but adheres to the city’s main drag the first section off Paseo de la Reforma. The first section consists of several museums, forests, lakes, botanical gardens, and a zoo. Housed in a former imperial palace that presents panoramic views of the city is the Museo Nacional de Historí, but it’s the world-class Museo Nacional de Antropología that really stands out. Better plan accordingly because the vast number of exhibitions and collections would be a chore to cover over a few days.

Grand meal in fashionable La Condesa

The district to see and be seen is La Condesa. This stylish neighborhood is the whole deal for an artistic flourish as it is heaven for foodies, and streets named after famous writers. Check out Azul and immerse in the busy atmosphere on the balcony with each guest chef changes the menu.

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