Noteworthy Markets in Rome

Noteworthy Markets in Rome

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When in Rome, visiting markets are a food lover’s paradise. Whether you’re hunting for the freshest green produce or craving for delectable cheese, there’s no need for you to look far to find such products at their freshest.

The Mercati Rionali, are the separate markets that exist in every rioni or district of Rome. For ages, Mercati Rionali is usually the social center of the district. From the descendants of the very vendors, their grandparents bought produce from, is how Rome locals purchase their produce. In that sarcastic form of Italian known as Romanaccio banter is expected and usually happens. A trip to a local market is ideal and can be one of the best Roman experiences for visitors and tourists to Rome. Get in on the action and not go just by looking at the awesome produce and other fresh products offered. Here are some noteworthy markets that are worth the visit.

Campo dei Fiori Market

Held every morning but Sunday. One of the oldest markets in Rome, aside from being the most well known is the Campo dei Fiori Market. This market has operated for the city since 1869. Stroll through the stalls before proceeding to lunch to have an idea exactly what seasonal veggies to request.

Noteworthy Markets in Rome

Testaccio Market

Another classic Roman standby is the market in Testaccio. The lively atmosphere has remained although the location has recently moved from the old covered stalls in Piazza Testaccio. The new location is a recent bright building near to the MACRO Museum. You can find just about anything here: from artesian house furnishings to a horse butcher – while at the Testaccio Market. For travelers who like to bring home something from their travel, this is also a perfect place for some original gifts. You can stop at the stand serving hot sandwiches made with tripe—a district specialty—or bollito (boiled meat) if your hunger can’t wait to cook up the groceries. Check out more interesting about Rome on

Campagna Amica Market near Circus Maximus

The indoor market outside the ancient Circus Maximus sells some of the most locally grown produce in Rome every Saturday and Sunday from morning until late afternoon. This place probably got it all as they offer fresh vegetables, pasta, olive oils, cheeses, meats, and a lot more. There is plenty to buy and bring home as gifts, like those lovely olive oils from Lazio or jars of artichokes ideal if you’re a visitor. For some super food at the Campagna Amica Market go-ahead to Via San Teodoro 74.

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