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Exploring Canada

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A slight number of tourists leave Banff, AB not being able to visit the peak of the Sulphur Mountain. The summit is about 700 meters and it allows a stretching view of the city of Banff, also the marvelous Banff Springs Hotel – one of the top hotels in Banff – and the neighboring mountains.

A number of tourists opt to purchase passes to ride the Sulphur Mountain gondola, that advances them to the summit within ten minutes. Some who are more adventurous prefer to push their muscles to the limits and hike boldly up to the mountain.

The hike to the peak of the Sulphur Mountain is a bit challenging but suitable for people who long to capture the Canadian wilderness. The trail to this mountain has a wide and well-managed trail that drifts through the deep forest and shows a glance of the scenery that is waiting on the summit.

Exploring Canada

What starts at the Upper Hot Springs parking lot is the South East Ridge Trail, known as the main trail to the peak of the Sulphur Mountain. The trail is broad and covered at the base of the mountain and is flat to some extent. It covers the same path as the gondola, as the trail crawls up the mountains, it becomes even more sheer. The part just before the top is the steepest part of the climb. The Upper Summit Gondola Terminal marks the end of the trail. From this terminal, it is possible to reach the Sanson Peak.

There is a restaurant in the summit that serves as a resting place after a long hike, which could take anywhere from two to five hours depending on your hiking speed. It is also a perfect place to relax and recharge before going down the mountain. There is an option to hike back down to the base which takes a few hours, or just take the gondola for a short trip back to your vehicle.

Climbing the Sulphur Mountain is a perfect way to enjoy the Canadian Rockies.

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