Air Conditioning

Do It Yourself Air Conditioning

For tackling the easier air conditioning problems, there is help at hand for homeowners, through easy access to handy guides and manuals from the Internet and local library, but the more serious air conditioner problems need to be attended to by certified technicians.

Do it yourself guidelines for air conditioning

The basic key to having years of hassle-free service from your air conditioning system is a very simple tip: keep the components clean. This helps prevent the most common problems.

Another option is to use a garden sprayer filled with a mixture of water and detergent to spray from the inside out while being cautious not to spray the electrical components, and repeat the rinse. Care must be taken to ensure that the fins are not bent or the coils are damaged. If you accidentally bend fins, you can buy a comb made for straightening them at an appliance parts store. At the same time, the condenser drain can be checked to see if it is clean. Cleaning the blower’s fan blades will keep your air conditioner noise down and tightening the mounting bolts and lubricating any oil cups will give it durability. However, in the case of a defective condenser or any problems with the refrigeration system, do call in a trained technician, as this is a closed system that may pose a danger to a basic handyman.

Maintenance of air conditioning on a do it yourself basis

The room air conditioner units are usually mounted in a window or through an opening in a wall since they need to expel hot air. Periodic cleaning of the outside vent will ensure a longer life and better functioning of the air conditioning system and keeping it clean will allow the cooling to be more effective. The filter and condenser coils need to be cleaned every month that the air conditioner is in use and to ‘keep your cool for a longer period,’ it is recommended that you do it yourself.