Air Conditioning

Do It Yourself Air Conditioning

For tackling the easier air conditioning problems, there is help at hand for homeowners, through easy access to handy guides and manuals from the Internet and local library, but the more serious air conditioner problems need to be attended to by certified technicians.

Do it yourself guidelines for air conditioning

The basic key to having years of hassle-free service from your air conditioning system is a very simple tip: keep the components clean. This helps prevent the most common problems.

Another option is to use a garden sprayer filled with a mixture of water and detergent to spray from the inside out while being cautious not to spray the electrical components, and repeat the rinse. Care must be taken to ensure that the fins are not bent or the coils are damaged. If you accidentally bend fins, you can buy a comb made for straightening them at an appliance parts store. At the same time, the condenser drain can be checked to see if it is clean. Cleaning the blower’s fan blades will keep your air conditioner noise down and tightening the mounting bolts and lubricating any oil cups will give it durability. However, in the case of a defective condenser or any problems with the refrigeration system, do call in a trained technician, as this is a closed system that may pose a danger to a basic handyman.

Maintenance of air conditioning on a do it yourself basis

The room air conditioner units are usually mounted in a window or through an opening in a wall since they need to expel hot air. Periodic cleaning of the outside vent will ensure a longer life and better functioning of the air conditioning system and keeping it clean will allow the cooling to be more effective. The filter and condenser coils need to be cleaned every month that the air conditioner is in use and to ‘keep your cool for a longer period,’ it is recommended that you do it yourself.

Scandinavian Look In Small Space

Mastering The Scandinavian Look In Small Space

Spatially challenged spaces give rise to many exciting projects that call for quite a bit of creativity and smart designing. This is also true for those who want to summon the Scandinavian charm in their small abodes because this design school involves airy, capacious interiors. On the other hand, this could actually be a match made in heaven, as Scandinavian design features unparalleled simplicity and functionality. It is all about functionality and ease of living and has become a darling of many reputable designers.

White sensation

White walls are one of the first things you notice in Scandinavian apartments. This soothing backdrop is there for a reason: It allows you to set a nice, clean stage for other design elements to shine, and it prevents your space from feeling cramped. So, it is advisable to stick to white and natural tones. And if you go for such a simple white landscape as a basis, decorating should not be kept to a minimum. You still want to spark attention and own a stimulating living environment.

In new light

Lighting is another essential element you have to get right. It infuses the area with shimmering savor and complements architectural features and highlights décor in the interior.

Large windows are a special treat as they invite natural light in, unify the space, and establish a connection with the great outdoors. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a large mirror, which adds depth and the illusion of spaciousness, while also contributing to the luminous spectacle.

Inch by inch

I have seen many stunning design gems polished to perfection. Some of them were one-room apartments, where every décor piece and design solutions have a purpose. The chief goal is to save space without offering comfort and visual bliss at the sacrificial altar. You might not be able to fit everything in the floor space, so think vertically and take advantage of different levels with solutions such as floor-to-ceiling shelves. Every inch of space should count, and no space should be left behind.


This means that you have to deal with the clutter.  Give away, get rid of, or store away everything you do not really need. I have managed to overcome the difficulties by placing some of my belongings in the self-storage units. Storage solutions are numerous and versatile, and I hope the situation in your local area is similar. Also, do not forget to be smart about your own storage. A small walk-in closet can provide just enough space for coats and other items, and built-in storage solutions are a real-life-saver.


Each problem has an appropriate solution. For example, if you think the radiators are occupying crucial areas, why not go for underfloor heating? When there is an empty corner, transform it into a reading area with a chair and floor lamp. Yes, a bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility, and you should splurge on bedroom furniture if you can afford it. Yet, faced with space limitations, you should muse on a loft bed, and utilize the vertical dimension of space. Each problem has its solution, rest assured.

Design flexibility

The heart and soul of the living room is a nice sitting area. Hence, you should think about investing in a comfy, sleek sofa, stylish chair, and a coffee table. Try to think multipurpose, and let this priority dictate your choice of furniture. A dining area can be streamlined, with one round table and a couple of chairs. And if you desire privacy and curse the absence of walls, you can opt for dividers like curtains to separate the spaces in your home. Of course, you can always let them become one again if needed.

Start small, think big

Those who have a tiny place to work with should not fret. They are the place where the cleverest interior design is given birth to. Scandinavian style can help you achieve prime functionality, make the interior more inviting, and maximize your available space. This is not any storm in a teacup, but a perfect northern storm of design ingenuity that is able to breathe life even into the smallest of places.

How to Install Tile Flooring

How to Install Tile Flooring

Adding a new floor to any room in your home is an instant makeover, but some flooring is tricky to install yourself. Tile flooring is a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and backsplashes. With just a few simple techniques, you can have an excellent new look without spending a lot.

Steps to Take

The first, and most obvious, thing that you need to do is to choose the colors that suit your home. Even though it may sound simple, it is a good idea to think about the type of décor you are going to use in the future. Tile flooring and backsplashes are made to last, so the color will be in your home for some time to come. Typically, neutral colors like white or cream are a good choice that will match anything in the room you are working in.

The next step is to being laying the tile. Whether you are working on a backsplash or a floor, you will always need to begin at the center of the area you are working with. To begin actually laying the tile, you will want to clean the entire area thoroughly so that the grout and tile are even and well bonded to the existing surface.

It is best to work with small sections of space when grouting the area, and to take your time when spreading the grout to ensure the adhesive is even. Also, avoid using any other types of adhesive on the tile other than specially made grout. Some adhesives will shrink when used, and cause breakage in the tile.

Also, you will want to check over the area to remove any excess grout before it begins to harden and to ensure all the tiles are properly placed. Typically, grout becomes difficult to work with twelve hours after the tile has been laid.

The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

Traveling is fun but it can also be stressful if you don’t prepare and plan for it. Yes, even if you claim to have a sharp memory there may still be a few things that you’ll forget, important things that can possibly ruin your vacation. For instance, while you’re onboard the plane thousands of feet above the ground or hundreds of miles at sea and all of a sudden you remembered that you left the backdoor open or you’re about to board the plane and the ground crews ask for your passport but you can’t find it in your bag because apparently it’s still on your desk and you completely forgot to take it with you. Things like these can turn your dream vacation into an instant nightmare.


We know that traveling will get you excited but don’t allow this excitement to let important things slip your mind. Remember, going on vacation means leaving all the stress behind but if you don’t plan for it instead of escaping stress you’re actually creating it while you’re on vacation mode. How do you plan your vacation? Here are several helpful tips to help you go on a stress-free vacation.


Make A List Of Everything You Need To Bring


Do this a week before your flight. We suggest you pick a day where you’re not busy and preoccupied so you can think clearly. Create a list of all the things you need to bring no matter how nonsensical it may sound. It could be your underwear, passports, identification cards, charger, planner, etc. Every day check your list if you need to add more. The more items you write the better. You can check the recommended traveler checklist at


Inform Your Bank About Your Travel Dates


Every bank has a hotline number. Call that number and let any bank representative know about the days when you’ll be away. Your bank may have other international banks as partners that permit you to withdraw cash without extra fees.

The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Going On Vacation

Pay Your Bills Before Traveling


Before you go on vacation make sure you check all of your bills and pay them off before leaving. For bills that are set on automatic payments double-check them and ensure that your outstanding balances are all clear. You don’t want to come back from a lovely vacation and be greeted with interest fees and grownup grass in your beautiful landscaping are, before leaving contact your landscape maintenance company, who can care about garden in your absence, if you are going on a long vacations pay them their fee in advance, so that they can do their jobs at best.

Check All Outlets and Unplug Electrical Appliances


Are you aware that even when appliances are turned off they can still contribute to your electricity bill as long as they are plugged in? Plugged appliances are continuously using up energy called standby electricity thereby contributing to your power bill. So when you plan on traveling check all of your appliances and unplug them.


Invest In Travel Insurance Whenever You Travel


You can’t predict the future but you can take safety precautions by investing in travel insurance for your own protection.



Traveling is a great way to escape your reality since it makes you happy but it can also make you feel 100x stressed if you don’t plan everything in advance. The next time you go on vacation make sure you’re all set and ready and that you’ve checked everything at least twice.

Legoland, Malaysia

Travel: Legoland, Malaysia

Things to do at Legoland

Project X at Lego Technic

Begin your voyage with a ride designed on Technic, Legos older brother. It is recommended proceeding to the restaurant ‘Knight’s Feast’ in Lego Kingdoms and scoots the local cuisine served at ‘Robot Kingdom’ in this area.

The Dragon at Lego Kingdoms

At the park, the Dragon was a favorite roller coaster ride. Both parents and children enjoy the rides as it gives the thrills and bends are longer than Project X. Before the coaster begins and you set off to chase the dragon, it also has a nice beginning story in the Kingdom Castle.

Observation Tower at Imagination

You can take a rest in the comfort of air-con and look into the rotating panoramic views of Legoland 60m in the air where the observation tower at Imagination is located. Here, no fees need to be paid, unlike the sky tower at Sentosa.

Legoland, Malaysia

Dino Island at Land of Adventure

Dino island offers an enjoyable ride. You must get raincoats or your clothes are going to end up thoroughly wet Like the water ride at USS. The native Lego figures and scenery were done up delightfully and starting off with a 2-minute leisurely river cruise, the ride was well paced.

The tension experienced after slowly ascending to the top of the mountain, as the ride edged closer to the drop-off, you can probably be felt through your screens at home.

Miniland Adventure

Miniland is in the open so you want to wait till the afternoon so you don’t have to worry about the heating sun and it is recommended visiting this area the last. The complex architecture will send any Lego fanatic into a frenzy and even non-Lego fans will be allured.

Over here, over 30 million Lego blocks were used at a 1:20 scale with 17 landmarks are beautifully re-created. Some favorites are Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, the Singapore flyer/Clark Quay and amazing saltwater FIsh Tanks. You’ll probably drool hours here just admiring the different creations.  To see the Lego figurines come to life, do not forget to press the buttons at the exhibits.

Noteworthy Markets in Rome

Noteworthy Markets in Rome

When in Rome, visiting markets are a food lover’s paradise. Whether you’re hunting for the freshest green produce or craving for delectable cheese, there’s no need for you to look far to find such products at their freshest.

The Mercati Rionali, are the separate markets that exist in every rioni or district of Rome. For ages, Mercati Rionali is usually the social center of the district. From the descendants of the very vendors, their grandparents bought produce from, is how Rome locals purchase their produce. In that sarcastic form of Italian known as Romanaccio banter is expected and usually happens. A trip to a local market is ideal and can be one of the best Roman experiences for visitors and tourists to Rome. Get in on the action and not go just by looking at the awesome produce and other fresh products offered. Here are some noteworthy markets that are worth the visit.

Campo dei Fiori Market

Held every morning but Sunday. One of the oldest markets in Rome, aside from being the most well known is the Campo dei Fiori Market. This market has operated for the city since 1869. Stroll through the stalls before proceeding to lunch to have an idea exactly what seasonal veggies to request.

Noteworthy Markets in Rome

Testaccio Market

Another classic Roman standby is the market in Testaccio. The lively atmosphere has remained although the location has recently moved from the old covered stalls in Piazza Testaccio. The new location is a recent bright building near to the MACRO Museum. You can find just about anything here: from artesian house furnishings to a horse butcher – while at the Testaccio Market. For travelers who like to bring home something from their travel, this is also a perfect place for some original gifts. You can stop at the stand serving hot sandwiches made with tripe—a district specialty—or bollito (boiled meat) if your hunger can’t wait to cook up the groceries. Check out more interesting about Rome on

Campagna Amica Market near Circus Maximus

The indoor market outside the ancient Circus Maximus sells some of the most locally grown produce in Rome every Saturday and Sunday from morning until late afternoon. This place probably got it all as they offer fresh vegetables, pasta, olive oils, cheeses, meats, and a lot more. There is plenty to buy and bring home as gifts, like those lovely olive oils from Lazio or jars of artichokes ideal if you’re a visitor. For some super food at the Campagna Amica Market go-ahead to Via San Teodoro 74.

South Africa Memories

South Africa Memories

There are countless memories waiting to be made. It is a land blessed by nature in the beautiful and enchanting country of South Africa. Tranquil hills, tow-colored beaches that dawdle effortlessly onward the mountainous coast, the most vivid green grass and flora which expands hundreds of miles, continuously running rivers, plump bushland and vast number of wild and free animals, like varied species of Zebras, Wild Boars, antelopes, Wildebeests, the fearful and scarce Leopard, massive herds of heavily tusked Elephants and multitudinous prides of Lion. 

I unfussily fell in love with it in its totality after I have traveled this incredible planet for over thirty years and after six months of traveling around and filming this unforgettable country. There are unending adventures and visual stimulations  In the huge city of Johannesburg, that’s in and out of the city. Our company funded my travel together with my son to discover the rarely seen side of South Africa with adventure being our main topic, we set out to do just that during our tour in late 2003 and early 2004. Click here for more information about South Africa wildlife and wildlife reserves.

We had the benefit of discovering a local business that specializes in providing tours to their customers’ needs and wants and with our demands, they tenaciously had their hands full during our first few weeks of being in Johannesburg. We longed for action and with this company, we got everything and more than we were engrossed in the land, the bush, the animals and having awareness of that would do more than be just a few visits to a museum.

South Africa Memories

The tour company was run by Shelly and her brother Grant and add a very immediate touch to their company and with their several years of arranging tours, they are pivotal and fundamental part of the company with a hands-on approach. The brother and sister tandem accompany you and lead you through the best this land can offer as they do not simply forward you to others.

You book your tours with them and relax as our company highly recommends. Based entirely on your desires and requirements, they will construct a superb tour, especially to your liking. Shelly and Grant along with their many affiliates can and will deliver a tour you will never forget and without the high cost and hassles, you may find with other companies in the area, whether it’s touring through the city of Gold ( Johannesburg) or exploring the wild African animals in the bush.

You can look forward to the absolute best service, we assure you of this as Karanga Exclusive Tours is an authorized affiliate of Traveler’s Digest. Check out our affiliated office at Karanga Exclusive Tours for either small or large group, business trip or plain pleasure or for the uttermost in the family vacation. Their objective is to give you with valued greatly memories of their beloved South Africa.

Relaxing In Mexico

Relaxing In Mexico

Mexico City is full of life, bewitching city that indulges travelers with endless food, culture, dance, epic history, architecture and more, though some may suggest differently. The capital does provide some sites it’d be a sin to miss on a stop-through although this megacity is a stretch to cover in a week. 24 hours cover barely a sliver of what the city has to offer ready yourself to pull an all-nighter.

Relax into the day at a cafebrería

A self-described cafebrería or café-bookstore is the El Péndulo. This establishment can be found around town, and each location provides warm lighting, eclectic decorations, and an open floor plan. Take inner pleasure and enjoy the scent of new books blending with a good serving of chilaquiles and a glass of guanábana juice. Polanco branch is a must-visit and dine which was declared one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by British newspaper The Guardian.

Explore Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul

One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Coyoacán is where you can find Frida Kahlo’s house that was transformed into a museum four years after her death. Soaked in saturated colors, heightening the intense vibe of Museo Frida Kahlo. Guided tours will narrate Kahlo’s early as well as most famous works, the workspace she and Diego Rivera shared and more. Thereafter,  the patio is a good spot to enjoy a drink and buy some books or prints from the gift shop.

Relaxing In Mexico

A Rich History at Zócalo

Mexico City’s main square is Zócalo and was utilized as the religious center for the Aztecs. To pave the adjacent square, now ringed by buildings occupied by the city government, the Palacio Nacional and the Catedral Metropolitan, Hernán Cortés had the Aztecs’ Templo Mayor demolished. An intimate display of the city’s rich history can be noted by the ongoing excavation of the Templo Mayor and the museum next-door.

Take a Breather at Chapultepec Park

Catch a mini-stop to 1,600-acre Chapultepec Park. The park is divided into three sections but adheres to the city’s main drag the first section off Paseo de la Reforma. The first section consists of several museums, forests, lakes, botanical gardens, and a zoo. Housed in a former imperial palace that presents panoramic views of the city is the Museo Nacional de Historí, but it’s the world-class Museo Nacional de Antropología that really stands out. Better plan accordingly because the vast number of exhibitions and collections would be a chore to cover over a few days.

Grand meal in fashionable La Condesa

The district to see and be seen is La Condesa. This stylish neighborhood is the whole deal for an artistic flourish as it is heaven for foodies, and streets named after famous writers. Check out Azul and immerse in the busy atmosphere on the balcony with each guest chef changes the menu.

Spectacular Chile

Spectacular Chile

Widely known more for its history than its present – Chile – a country of music, fashion scene and blossoming art, reigned by the politically active younger set breathes new life into Santiago and the country at large. Travelers can effortlessly entertain themselves for much more than just 24 hours in the temperate capital aside from the country’s spectacular natural beauty. It’s more than possible to face the vibrant scene, by concentrating on a few central neighborhoods, a close link to the past and local delicacies that make up Santiago.

Having breakfast is a casual affair and is a substantial way people view from the local cafes. Try sopaipilla, a pastry made of deep-fried pumpkin dough, or a calzone roto, which is best described as a fried cookie, paired with a cappuccino, for those people with a sweet tooth will truly enjoy. Check out omnipresent soda fountain Dominó and buy a ham, avocado and cheese sandwich and a raspberry juice for a super-local start.

Arrange a visit to one of the museums that abound in the area after a swift walk through the Metropolitan Cathedral and Plaza de Armas. One of which, Museo de Arte Precolombino has a grand collection of Pre-Colombian art from all over Latin America. Museo Histórico Nacional begins with the Pre-Colombian era and the finale is with perturbing display of Salvador Allende’s broken glasses. Featured works by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró by Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in a grand townhouse that was utilized as a listening station during the dictatorship. Before heading to lunch, don’t forget to take some pictures in front of the presidential palace La Moneda.

At Mercado Central, seafood lovers will be overwhelmed by the endless choices, this is Santiago’s main fish and seafood market. From the fish stalls and dine on Camarones al pil-pil, paila marina, simple grilled salmon and way more,  you can choose one of the smaller restaurants across. You can also pick up an empanada or two to go for onces or afternoon tea. The seafood versions, especially jaiba (crab) and machas (razor clams) and cheese are fantastic but there’s always the traditional empanada that contains ground beef and onion.

An uncomplicated jump-off to the Atacama Desert to the north, Patagonia to the south or to Easter Island 2000 miles west in the Pacific the reason the capital has the ideal location. Within reach, there’s an easy bus trip away like the pottery village of Pomaire, the hills, and colors of coastal Valparaíso and the nature of Cajón del Maipo.

Why Visit Nashville?

Why Visit Nashville?

If you’ve never been to Nashville, then it’s time to pack your bags and go there now. Home to country music, Nashville is one of the best cities in the United States. Runners will enjoy the rocky trails, and the adventurers will love the water-side sceneries.

Nashville is not just for country music fans, it’s for anyone who has a penchant for the outdoors, good food, and yes, great music. There are a number of new restaurants and bars to visit. Most of them offer patio seating, so diners can admire and appreciate the cool breeze outside. This music city has so many concerts and shows running all year round. Don’t forget to try going to one to experience what it’s like living in Nashville.

One of the best things in this city is the food. The traditional farm to table setting is a must try. This has become a trend and most people who come here enjoy the goodness of this food scene. Culinary dens in Tennessee that offer this are applauded because of the amazing flavors bursting in what they serve.

The cost of living in Nashville is lower than other cities like New York, and Los Angeles. That’s just another thing that makes this city much more appealing.

If you love arts, then Nashville is definitely the city to visit. You will get your dose of stunning exhibits for visual arts, and you can even enjoy ballet, and broadway plays on top of the country music shows. The art of epoxy flooring in Nashville also makes these places very attractive and beautiful.

Why Visit Nashville?

There are many museums to visit too, like the Johnny Cash Museum, and of course, the very popular and well-loved Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

If these are not enough to convince you to head over to Nashville for the weekend, then maybe you should know that the locals are one of the nicest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet.